frame 81 | surplus value (michael mann zei het al in 1981…)

23 oktober 2008

Thief | Michael Mann, 1981

Michael Mann zei het al in 1981:

Wat vooraf ging: Frank (James Caan) heeft een kraak gezet voor Leo (Robert Prosky) en komt een paar dagen later zijn aandeel in de buit ophalen. Leo geeft hem een envelop met geld; Frank telt het na.

FRANK Where’s the rest?
LEO Don’t worry about it.
FRANK What is this?
LEO This is the cash part.
FRANK Well, you’re light. 830.000’s supposed to be here, and I count, what, 70, 80, 90.
LEO Cos I put you into the Jacksonville, Fort Worth and Davenport shopping centres. I take care of my people. You can ask these guys. Papers are at your house. It’s a limited partnership with a subchapter S corporation. You’ve got equity with me in that.
FRANK Well, count me out.
LEO I thought we had this good thing.
FRANK This is payday. It is over.
LEO You know, when you have trouble with the cops, you pay ‘em off like everybody else, because that’s the way things are done. But not you, huh?
FRANK No. They don’t run me and you don’t run me.
LEO I give you houses. I give you a car. You’re family. I thought you’d come around. What the hell is this? Where is gratitude?
FRANK Where is my end?
LEO You can’t see day for night.
FRANK I can see my money is still in your pocket, which is from the yield of my labour. What gratitude? You’re making big profits from my work, my risk, my sweat. But that is OK, because I elected it to make that deal. But now the deal is over. I want my end, and I am out.
LEO Why don’t you join a labour union?

Het antwoord op die laatste vraag wordt dan weer in andere films gegeven, in On the Waterfront (1954) bijvoorbeeld, in Silkwood (1983) of het onterecht vergeten Blue Collar (1978), briljante film van Paul Schrader.



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